Carich Marine Engineering (HK) Co., Ltd is a Sino-European company, since 2000 active in the shipbuilding and formally installed in 2004. Their main business is acting as the agent for many leading European equipment suppliers.

From the very beginning on, Carich Marine Engineering (HK) Co., Ltd is building up an excellent cooperation between shipyards at one hand and their principals at the other hand. So far the most important references are situated in the areas of Shanghai,Tianjin, Dalian, Liaoning Province and Shandong Province.

Carich Marine Engineering (HK) Co., Ltd prospects also the other shipbuilding areas of China and the activities have been extended also to other shipbuilding countries in the Far East such as India, Singapore and Vietnam. Carich has direct business contact points Shanghai, Tianjin and Qingdao.

The principals of Carich Marine Engineering (HK) Co., Ltd are all very specialized suppliers with high quality standards mainly for engineering vessels and offshore. Deck machinery, navigation and communication equipment, electrical installation, patented anchors and chains, gearboxes, rudder propellers, bow thrusters, alignment systems, lubrication systems, painting, generator sets are only a part of Carich Marine Engineering (HK) Co., Ltd’ s possibilities.